Palestine, TX

Established in 1846, Palestine, known as the gateway from the prairies to the undulating woodlands, is filled with striking architecture and a growing culinary scene. Palestine has over 1800 recognized historic resources and more buildings in the National Register of Historic Places than any Texas City except Galveston.

Eilenberger’s Bakery is renowned as the oldest bakery in Texas, and the historic Texas Theatre entertains visitors with various yearly productions. Art Tracks Sculpture tours along Main Street take place weekly, Thursday through Sunday.

Davey Dogwood Park, on North Link Street, celebrates the annual Texas Dogwood Trails Festival from late March through early April. Other annual events include the Hot Pepper Festival in October, The Polar Express™ Train Ride in November and December, The Taste of New Orleans: Mardi Gras Celebration in February, and the 1836 Chuckwagon Race on Texas’ Independence Day.

Centrally located between Dallas, Houston and Austin, Palestine boasts more than 1,800 historical sites, including the award-winning Main Street District.   Home to the Texas State Railroad and Dogwood Trails, Palestine is graced with stately homes, gorgeous scenic drives and a Texas-friendly welcome that offers a true Southern experience. Palestine was named one of the Top Travel Destinations in Texas by Texas Highways.

Interesting Side Story

Palestine is the county seat of Anderson County, named for Kenneth Lewis Anderson, a prominent member of Congress and the past vice president of the Republic of Texas. When the county was formed on March 24, 1846, from land within Houston County, both Fort Houston and Mound Prairie claimed the privilege of becoming the county seat because both towns were within three miles from the geographic center of the county, criteria imposed by the Texas Legislature.

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