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Saturday StarlightTrain Rides
July 28, August 25 and September 22

Saturday Night Romance on the Rails

The Piney Woods comes alive with the luminous glow of moon-kissed skies on this popular Saturday Starlight train offered on select Saturday evenings.

July 28, August 25 and September 22.

The romance of the rails is enhanced as daylight gives way to twilight.  The late evening return to the depot reveals a plethora of romantically twinkling stars across the broad Texas sky.

With the path of the train miles from the lights of the nearest towns, the skies will be dark enough to see even some of the fainter constellations not seen from the city. Experience the the velvety, inky dark of a waning moon combined with the total absence of city lights.


Upgrade Your Saturday Night Experience!

Pints in the Pines: Beer-Tasting Tours

What could be better than sampling Texas-brewed beers aboard a historic train as it travels the Piney Woods of the Lone Star State?  Savor the rich flavors of an amber harvest while drinking in the scenery and leisurely pace of a train ride.

Snacks are served throughout the journey to compliment the beers being tasted.

This event will include a variety of local ales complemented by zesty beer snacks during the outbound train journey.  Frothy favorites ranging from light, summery Kolsch and wheat-rich Hefeweizen to high-octane lagers and IPAs, from coppery-red Scotch ales to dark stouts and chocolate porters, these craft beers may have German roots but all are produced in Texas breweries.

Texas State Railroad’s very own version of “Oktoberfest” will include a souvenir tasting glass for each participant and a barbecue dinner during the stopover in Palestine. The return excursion to Rusk allows ample time for all craft beer lovers to savor a full serving of their favorite brew, comparing notes and sharing stories with friends and loved ones.

Homemade barbecue dinner served in Palestine, halfway through the journey.

Anyone consuming alcohol aboard Texas State Railroad must be 21 years or older.

Pints in the Pines takes place on board the train as it travels between Rusk and Palestine, and back, in select cars.  Event accommodation options include pampering in First Class, the Presidential Car or even the privately-chartered Caboose.

Cost is $109 per ticket.




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