Historic Catholic Chapel

A short, casual walk from the Rusk Depot will bring you to the front promenade of the oldest Catholic Church in Cherokee County. Originally constructed on Main Street, in downtown Rusk in 1905, the historical chapel was relocated to the Texas State Railroad grounds in 1980.  The interior is original to its construction and has hosted community-wide services as well as weddings and vow renewals.

With a presence taking one back to the early days of schoolhouse and church congregation, everyone will enjoy the beautiful stained-glass windows and wooden bench pews.

Chapel capacity is 50 people.   Call today for availability and rates.  855-632-7729

Whether it’s a tour group, family or business event, Texas State Railroad is ready to impress your guests. On these special days, you want to slow down so you can savor every delicious moment. Texas State Railroad—a vintage train traveling on tracks laid over a century ago—is in the business of timelessness.

We offer authentic history, mixed with modern day amenities.  Whisking you through the Piney Woods of east Texas is an extraordinary experience.  Our pampered comfort, during this four-hour journey offers you the perfect amount of time for celebrating; exchanging or renewing vows, the pre- or post- wedding group adventure, the special anniversary, birthday party or reunion of dear friends, can all be made that much more interesting by planning it onboard a train.

The combination of a historic train ride, festive food and beverage, modern comfort and camaraderie, makes for a truly memorable experience.

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Because of special, incidental or consequential situations that may be out of our control, Texas State Railroad reserves the right to adjust our operation between the date of your booking and the day of departure. These changes could include (but not be limited to): locomotive power for the day, passenger car assignments, layover and/or meal time during the four-hour ride and departure and/or arrival times. Thanking you in advance for your consideration.