“ Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. ” – Franklin P. Jones

Texas State Railroad offers a rare combination of romance, elegance and fun.

The soothing rhythm of the rails coupled with the sophistication and comfort of our classic train as it travels the serene Piney Woods combine for an ambiance that can’t be duplicated in any hotel or meeting facility.
On special days, you want to slow down to savor every delicious moment. Texas State Railroad – a vintage train traveling on tracks laid over a century ago – is in the business of timelessness.

Whisked into another world aboard this heritage train, this 3-hour trip offers you an exclusive environment for celebrating. At the Rusk depot complex, there is a charming chapel for wedding groups that may be reserved in conjunction with the train ride.

Whether it’s the exchanging or renewing vows, the pre- or post-wedding group adventure, an anniversary, a birthday bash or a reunion of dear friends, the combination of festive food and beverage, train comfort and camaraderie makes for a truly memorable day. In addition to custom-tailored catering for the event, we also assist you with local officiants, photographers, videographers, bakers and florists.

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