Quaint town ofRusk

Rusk, TX

The City of Rusk was named after Thomas J. Rusk.  Mr. Rusk held more official positions than anyone else during the days of the Texas Republic.  He was a soldier, attorney, judge, statesman, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Major General of the Texas Republic.  He practiced law in Cherokee County from 1829 to 1856.

120 miles southeast of Dallas, the town was established by an act of the Texas legislature on April 11, 1846, which defined the boundaries of Cherokee County.

Rusk Footbridge

Constructed in 1861, the 546-foot long bridge served as a means to cross a small valley community when the creek flooded.

Rebuilt in 1889 by engineer T.H. Barnes who had built New Birmingham, Texas. the bridge is believed to be the longest footbridge in the nation. It is located just off the Courthouse square.

Jim Hogg Memorial Park is 178.4 acres of East Texas Piney woods east of Rusk in Cherokee County. The property was deeded by the City of Rusk in 1941 and the park was established the same year.

The park was opened as a memorial to the state’s first native born governor, James Stephen Hogg, 1891 – 1895. Hogg revolutionized state government and private business by strengthening public respect for law enforcement and establishing the Texas Railroad Commission to enforce state anti-trust laws and promote fair business practices.

Nature of the Area

In this Piney woods of east Texas, visitors can enjoy wildlife observations and photography of birds, squirrels, and deer on occasion. You can also experience a great variety of trees and shrubs native to East Texas.



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