May 3 and 17, 2018Maydelle Turntable Runs
Posted by Teresa Propeck on March, 24 2018

On May 3 and 17, 2018 Texas State Railroad offers school groups a fun day out aboard the “Maydelle Turntable Runs”

This rare example of railroad technology demonstrates today how this vintage piece of equipment was used, routinely so many decades ago in rail yards across our nation, to turn the engines around to go in a different direction.

Built in the late 1890s by the St. Louis and San Francisco (Frisco) Railroad on site at their Paris, Texas rail yard.

The Maydelle turntable began operation at Paris in 1902, serving a six-stall roundhouse.

In 1981, the Texas State Railroad acquired the turntable and installed it in Maydelle.


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