• Haunted Phantom Train
Haunted PhantomTrain

Haunted Phantom Train

The high lonesome wail of a far-off train whistle in the dark… Abandoned rail cars sitting quietly on a side track, full of ghosts, ghouls and the spirits of passengers long gone… An owl hoots from beyond…

Keep your eyes open, and listen for the sound of ghouls and goblins, in 2018.  Guests of the Texas State Railroad at Rusk will catch a glimpse of the forgotten phantoms, lurking along the edges of the forest. The railroad’s eerie history, built by prisoners in the 1880s, have led to sightings of “apparitions” over the ages, perhaps the ghosts of the men who died during the track construction. With no family or friends to retrieve their bodies, it’s rumored these convicts were buried right where they died, along the rails or within the track bed. Their spirits linger along the Phantom Train, and during the Halloween season, something stirs them from their slumber to haunt anew.
(This will be a stationary display. Reservations are not required. Not suitable for young children. Check the calendar for dates and times of operation.)

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