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July 3, 4, 5

The 4th of July is going to mean SO MUCH more this year. From sea to shining sea Americans will be invoking their inalienable right to celebrate their freedom! We invite you to savor the Fourth of July holiday with a salute to one of America’s “deepest” roots – Railroading!

It’s a chance to wave the Stars and Stripes, choose from a wide selection of lunch options available for purchase at the railroad depot and climb aboard a 100 year-old steam engine. Steam kicks off our new summer season on July 3rd, prior to the 11:00 a.m. train departure at the Palestine Train Depot.

The Celebration of Steam at the Official Railroad of Texas, with a display of Texas State Railroad’s notable steam and diesel engines, will be  at the Palestine depot. The property will open to guests at 8:00 a.m. and the train will depart the Palestine depot at 11:00 a.m. The static locomotives will be lined up on the wye, offering photo opportunities to capture and epitomize the summer opener.  Guests who hold a train ticket will have better access to view these classic locomotives.  For those without a ticket to ride, there will be a nominal fee to enter the property for this event.  Our cafe and gift shop will be open for food, beverage and memorabilia purchases.

The train will depart the Palestine depot at 11:00 a.m. offering a wide variety of seating aboard this classic consist.

  • The train’s most historic style of seating is the open-air car with fresh breezes and historic wooden slat benches.

For those seeking table service and more decadent accommodations, the Railroad offers several options to make the adventure extra special.

  • The private charter caboose seats up to 8, with rich, crushed-velvet seating and a private valet.
  • Presidential #1511 features comfortable living-room style seats, intimate table service, large picture windows and access to a private outdoor-viewing platform.
  • The art-deco inspired Presidential #42 features comfortable couches or two-top tables and chairs, intimate table service and large picture windows.
  • The exclusive glass-top Sky-High Dome car seats up to 66 people and features soft leather seats with convenient tables and an unobstructed birds-eye view that railfans treasure.
  • Family-friendly First-class features comfortable upholstered benches with tabletops for four.

In addition to the vintage steam engines that power many of the present-day excursion trains, Texas State Railroad is home to extremely rare Texas & Pacific steam engine #610 and #316, the oldest locomotive operated on this line. Many would consider the massive #610 locomotive a dinosaur, but Texas State Railroad has preserved it as an endangered species to be coddled and protected. The sole survivor of the T&P’s fleet of 70 engines with the 2-10-4 (Texas) wheel arrangement, #610 dignified the rails during the golden age of steam. Its design combined a high-capacity boiler with a modern valve gear and a four-wheeled trailing truck which became the prototype for American steam locomotives and a tribute to American engineering genius.

Be the first to see the “cosmetically-restored” Santa Fe #1316. This prime example of mainline steam power remains in service to this day, thrilling young and old alike with its powerful exhaust, clouds of smoke and mournful whistle. #1316 has been proudly reassembled by the Texas State Railroad crew through a generous FHWA grant, acquired through the Texas Department of Transportation.

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Because of special, incidental or consequential situations that may be out of our control, Texas State Railroad reserves the right to adjust our operation between the date of your booking and the day of departure. These changes could include (but not be limited to): locomotive power for the day, passenger car assignments, layover and/or meal time during the four-hour ride and departure and/or arrival times. Thanking you in advance for your consideration.